Splashy Towers 3d Foam Blocks Bath Toy by Spark Bubble


Splashy Towers bathtime game exclusively from Spark Bubble. This colourful selection of foam 3-dimensional shapes is perfect for building towers and other imaginative structures in the bath. Splashy Towers is a popular bath toy for encouraging creativity, as well as mathematical thinking.

Let your child pile the blocks high on the large floating base. They can experiment with shape and balance to create a strong tower. Can they build a tower tough enough to withstand a bathtime tidal wave?!

All of the 3d soft foam pieces are waterproof and float, so this fun bath game is ideal for water play.

While your child has fun with the blocks, you can chat about the different shapes: cubes, cuboids, cylinders and triangular prisms. Splashy Towers comes with a guide suggesting games and tips to help develop your child's mathematical skills while they play happily away.

'Splashy Towers' contains:

  • 29 blocks of different shapes (All stacked together: 24x16x3.5cm)
  • 1 large floating base 
  • 1 mesh storage bag with suction pads to attach to the bathroom wall so the pieces can be packed away, nicely tidy and dry (45x35x0.2cm)
  • 1 information leaflet with ideas for games to play with Splashy Towers and tips for how to help your child learn. 
  • Soft foam bath toy made of EVA.  Colours as seen.

WARNING: Will not protect against drowning. Never leave child unattended while bathing. Only use under constant adult supervision.

WARNING: Choking Hazard. Small Parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

Spark Bubble Thoughts and Ideas:

"We designed this bath toy so naturally we love it! Children love it too, free building their own designs of Splashy Towers. Or why not give them extra challenges. Can they make a building with a hidden compartment, or design an obstacle course for a small plastic figure to play on in the bath?Use our play guide with its vocabulary list to help children develop geometrical language and mathematical thinking. You can use Splashy Towers to help develop your child’s maths skills while having lots of fun. Ask them to sort the shapes into groups by different criteria (number of faces, colours etc), or ask them to find different 2d shapes (such as circle or triangle) on the faces of the 3d shapes.
You might find your child inspires you by inventing their own ways to play. Build their imagination while they build Splashy Towers!"