Swimming Scuba Buddy Bath Toy by Munchkin


Discover this fun Munchkin bath toy - a small but highly entertaining addition to bathtime or games in water outside. Make waterplay a splash with this sweet penguin bath toy by Munchkin that really swims through water!
Ready, set... SWIM! If little one loves splishing and splashing in water, they're going to adore having this cute swimming penguin as their companion. To make the ‘Swimming Scub Buddy’ swim through water, simply wind up his arms and watch him go!  

  • Wind up the arms & let him swim off
  • Cute penguin design with a scuba mask for underwater fun!
  • Ages 9+ months

WARNING: To prevent drowning, keep children within arm's reach

Spark Bubble Thoughts and Ideas:

"This little guy brings lots of giggles to bathtime or wherever your child is playing in water. It's easy to wind up his arms and watch him zoom off. You could even get two and observe them having races!

Curious little minds can use 'Swimming Scuba Buddy' to do lots of thinking and investigating too: What makes him move? Why is he (and even more so real penguins) this shape? How long does it take him to get from one side of the bath to the other?  Is there anything you can do to slow him down - what about waves, or obstacles? Overall a fun little wind up toy that will get your youngster thinking too."