Caterpillar Spillers Bath Toy Cups by Munchkin


Stack, scoop and strain with this Munchkin bath toy 'Caterpillar Spillers'. A colourful selection of 7 numbered bath toy cups, kids will love playing with this friendly caterpillar and inventing bath games to play with it.

These brightly coloured cups pour and strain water in the bath for endless spilling and scooping fun. The cups also stack up to form a towering paddle wheel. And when the open ended play is over, the bath cups nest compactly to stow away for next time. 

  • 7 coloured bath cups
  • Educational and fun
  • Link, stack, pour, and strain water
  • Cups are numbered 1-7 to help learn numbers
  • Cups nest for compact storage solution
  • Nesting teaches hand/eye coordination
  • Perfect for kids 9+ months

WARNING: To prevent drowning, keep children within arm's reach.

Spark Bubble Thoughts and Ideas:

"These 'Caterpillar Spillers' bath toy cups are really popular and many families find they are great for helping little ones learn colours and numbers, as well as developing motor skills, coordination and balance. They are lovely and colourful and very well made with no sharp edges.

For preschool aged children it's fun how the cups link together - and can even be a 'train' to pull around in the bath. Can your child watch the water flow out of the holes and start exploring some scientific questions: How could we speed up, or slow down the water? Can we count to see how long it takes different sized cups to empty?

'Caterpillar Spillers' can be fun outside the bath too. The stacking cups are good in sand or in the garden and work well as travel toys (since they fit inside each other and take up little space).  Overall, a versatile and fun bath toy for children aged 1 to 4."