Giant Foam Playing Cards for bath or outdoors


Great for card games and Maths games! This set of large foam playing cards sticks on to the side of the bathtub or tiles and brings lots of fun to bathtime.  The waterproof playing cards can also be used in the garden or at the beach.

The cards float in water and stick to each other too.

Cards are strong enough to build a card tower.

  • 54 pieces
  • Each card 18 x 10 x 0.3cm
  • Box dimensions 37 x 21 x 6cm

WARNING: Only suitable for age 3+

Spark Bubble Thoughts and Ideas:

"Giant Foam Playing Cards are perfect for a couple of children playing together, or with an enthusiastic adult to join in the card games and tricks.  Pelmanism is always popular, when you have to remember where the cards are and make pairs, or use these Foam Playing Cards to play other family favourites such as 'Snap and 'Cheat' in the bath.

Playing Cards are also fantastic for fun maths games - one person could start a pattern (e.g. diamond 3, spade 5, diamond 7...) and the other continue it. Or 'Guess my card' - how many questions does it take to work out someone's card, if the card-holder can only answer 'yes' or 'no'? Here is a link to more fun card games to help with mental maths. Giant Foam Playing Cards are an enjoyable way to improve mental maths in the bath without your youngster even realising it!"