Tub Sub Bath Toy by Edushape


Why do things sink or float?

Tub Sub knows! As a boat, it floats. As a sub, it sinks. For a floating boat, push the flexible blue part down. For a sinking sub, pull the blue part up and fill the bottom with water. Only the periscope (also a handle) will stay above the water. Encourages thinking and reasoning.

  • Two toys in one for fun in the tub!
  • Encourages Hand-Eye Coordination
  • STEM - Logic and Reasoning
  • Tactile Sensory Development
  • 12 months +

WARNING: Always supervise children in or near water.

Spark Bubble Thoughts and Ideas:

"This 'Tub Sub' from Edushape is simple and fun. It's easy to fold it down to make a boat or pull it up to turn it into a submarine, so even young children will manage this transformation themselves. The water drains nicely out of the side of the bath toy making a brief shower. It doesn't take up much room in the bathroom and creates plenty of smiles."