Our Values

At Spark Bubble we have three guiding principles:

1) Encourage learning in a creative way.

Our toys enable open ended play, they are no 'right or wrong' ways to do things. This means children can relax and enjoy experimenting whilst opening up their minds to new ideas and discoveries.

2) Create special moments between parents and children. 

We all want to be great parents, but it can be tricky to balance the demands of parenting alongside everything else that needs to be done each day. Sometimes, all we can manage is to keep our children safe and healthy. Other times, though, we can throw ourselves 100% into focussing on our youngsters and engaging in what interests them.

Our toys aim to help parents and children find these times when a parent and child are working together, totally listening to each other and growing together.

3) Care for our planet. 

In all the choices that we make as a company, Spark Bubble aims to keep protecting our planet a key factor in the decisions that we make. Wherever possible we aim to choose sustainability and recycling so that we are making a positive impact on the world around us.