About Us

Spark Bubble was founded in 2021 by me, Millie Jaspert in Horsham, West Sussex.
Millie Jaspert, founder of Spark Bubble - online store selling interesting bath toys.
As a mum of two energetic boys, I always loved the time when my grubby, boisterous children jumped into the bath and, absorbed with the bubbles and toys, became calm and reflective.  No matter how busy the day had been, the twenty minutes or so of bath-time were a chance to focus on each child and chat about whatever was important to them that day and play games like admiring their 'bubble beards'.
I found it interesting how toys could inspire creative thoughts. My boys are four years apart, so when the 7 year-old jumped into the bath after his little brother, he would use the same bath toys in completely different ways. The foam letters that I had chatted to the 3 year old about writing 'cat' with were now repositioned and reinvented to create symmetrical designs. The little bottles that my younger child had used to gently practise pouring, the older one used to experiment with how much was the right amount of water for it to float below the surface.

Being a Primary Teacher, I am always looking for learning opportunities, and enjoy providing children with resources and stimuli to 'invite' them to experiment and think.  Some of the best learning for all ages happens through play - when children are having so much fun that they don't even notice that they are thinking and learning. Through this playful experimentation and practical learning they are soaking up knowledge.

My personal experience had been that bath toys that were available for children older than toddlers were pretty disappointing. So for a couple of years I had thought about what kind of toys I would like to create to help older children  make the most of bathtime. In 2021 we returned to the UK after several years abroad and I got started on making Spark Bubble reality.  I really hope that you and your family enjoy what we offer.