Bath Beats Musical Set by Munchkin


Bath Beats Musical Set by Munchkin is an ideal present for young children - it contains a bath xylophone, drums and shakers. Create music, beats and sounds in and out of the bath and encourage an early love of music with this Bath Beats Musical Set.

Little music makers can dance to their own special beat with the help of some fun musical bath toys:

  1. Equal parts bath drum, floating octopus and handheld maze, Octodrum is a three-in-one tub toy that engages musical minds. 
  2. Shaped like a floating stingray with rust-resistant keys, the Dingray xylophone is another bathtime favourite.
  3. Two starfish shakers round out the musical fun. Put them together with your child and you have a fun band for all the family!

Music can have a positive impact on children's cognitive and emotional development, and these bath toys hit all the right notes. Encouraging awareness and exploration through creative play, this musical bathset from Munchkin brings lots of fun. 

  • Includes 1 Dingray™ xylophone, 1 Octodrum™ rhythm toy and 2 starfish shakers
  • Perfect for engaging young musical minds
  • Upgrade your child's bath routine with creative play
  • Made of durable and rust-resistant materials
  • 12+ months

Spark Bubble Thoughts and Ideas:

"This bathtime musical set is a lovely way to enjoy some bathtime music with your little one. It's a great time to do some singing and playing together - or even compose new tunes. The starfish shakers are lovely and the Octodrum is fun to stick to the side of the bath, or even to play with as a maze.

Some customers have noticed that the Dingray Xylophone can sink if it is hit strongly (or if there are a lot of waves going on in the bath!) If this is tricky for your child, then try combining with Splashy Towers - the floating base in that set can go beneath your Xylophone and then it can withstand the hardest whack!"