Child playing with Splashy Towers on the floor not in water. Showing great concentration as he focuses on building his tower with foam blocks.

Games to play with 'Splashy Towers'

Games to play with 'Splashy Towers'

Thank you to everyone who has bought 'Splashy Towers' since the toy was launched a month ago. It's wonderful to hear what fun children and their families are having with it. (If you haven't got Splashy Towers from Spark Bubble yet, then click here.)

 We love finding out about fun games that children are thinking of with their 'Splashy Towers' foam block sets. Here are a few ideas:

Splashy Towers being used as a small world aqua park. 
1) In the bath some families have made creative assault courses out of the 'Splashy Towers' sets so that the floating base and blocks are like a floating, inflatable aqua park. The children have then used little mini figures to run and jump over the blocks, balanced the people on top of the taller towers and seen if they wobble off into the water. 

2) Another idea is to use the yellow floating base and some of the blocks to play the memory game 'What's missing?'.  To play: Lay out a number of objects on the yellow floating base - the number will completely depend on your child, maybe four objects for a three year old but up to 10 for a seven year old.  (Start on the lower side and you can always increase.)  The foam blocks from 'Splashy Towers' are great to use, but you can also include soap, bottle lid or whatever else you have lying around the bathroom.  If you think your child might need a reminder, then name the items "Red cylinder, yellow cube etc". Give your child 30 seconds to look at the objects then ask them to close their eyes, you take one of the items away and hide it. Can your child work out which object is missing?  To make the game trickier, you can let the floating base move so it's in a different direction, or even move the remaining items around on it so it's harder to see what is missing.

3) Finally, 'Splashy Towers' doesn't have to be used for waterplay. Some children have played with it on the floor and made really tall towers - without the motion of the water it's possible to reach much higher. This tall tower in the photo above was made by a 5 year old and it's better than I can create! How many block high can your family manage?

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