5 Ideas for Big Topics to Discuss with Children

5 Ideas for Big Topics to Discuss with Children

5 Ideas for Big Topics to Discuss with Children

The benefits of open-ended discussions with children

Children whose are asked their opinions on important topics, not just what sort of biscuits to have for tea, start to think and reflect more themselves and take much more interest in what is happening in the world. 

No age is too young to start asking children big questions and really listening and discussing their answers - as long as the language you use and the topic is appropriate for your child's age. It's great to have a good discussion: demonstrate valuing your child's opinions and adding/ countering with your own thoughts so that the child can also practise listening to other people's views and adapting/ building on their initial thoughts.

Ideas for relevant topics to discuss with children

  1. Do animals matter as much as humans? What rights do animals have and are all animals equal - does a worm matter as much as a dog?
  2. Do you think 'girls' and 'boys' are different in the way that they think and behave, or do you just think different people are different and there aren't really two main groups?
  3. What kind of place would you like to live if you could choose anywhere? What things do you think are really important for you to be happy in your home?  What what you want to have nearby?
  4. Should people ever shout at each other? When would this be okay and when would it not? What chould you do if someone shouts at you and you think it's unfair?
  5. If you could take any animal from the zoo home to be your pet, what would you choose? Do you think the animal would be happiest at your house, in the zoo or in the wild?
Of course, these are just a few starting points. It'll be even better if you base your discussions on things that you come across with your children e.g. "How strange that there's some rubbish lying in the park. Do you think there could be a good reason why it's there...?" Hope you and your youngsters have some lovely conversations.

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